Chloe Fulton


Chloe began making jam as wedding favors for her own wedding in 2004. She went on to supply many weddings with jam favors since then, alongside her floral event work. Various flavors have been used by a gluten free Seattle baker, and in local Seattle bars as cocktail ingredients.

When Chloe thinks of the Northwest, she thinks of blackberries. “There is a point in the summer when the hillsides are thick with blackberry bushes dripping with ripe fruit. The sweet aroma of hot berries mixed with fresh grass in the breeze, under a bright sunny sky. It immediately transports me back to childhood days in Oregon, filling recycled yogurt containers with juicy berries until my fingertips were tender and purple.” Chloe also loves visiting raspberries fields and says it is “truly one of my biggest joys of summer. I love how intimate and magical the rows can feel, with raspberry bushes reaching to the sky on either side of the long rows. It’s like reaching into a wild wall, and finding little clustered treasures of red jewels over and over again.”