Flash Frozen For Maximum Nutrition

Blackberries are only in season for a short time. The majority of blackberries picked in the U.S. are flash frozen at the peak of ripeness. It’s the reason blackberries make such a great healthy, nutritious addition to your freezer; they’re naturally the perfect combination of sweet and tart, low in calories, and high in fiber. Having berries on hand throughout the year allows you to add a tasty dose of nutrients and antioxidants to your sauces, jams, smoothies, muffins, and more!

frozen oregon berries

Phytochemicals for Your Health

The rich, beautiful color of blackberries comes from anthocyanins, a type of phytochemical. Phytochemicals are non-nutritive substances found in plants that can help prevent chronic diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. Anthocyanins also act as antioxidants and may help protect the brain from oxidative stress and reduce the effects of conditions like dementia. Some studies show ripe blackberries have significantly more beneficial phenolic compounds (like anthocyanins) than under-ripe berries do, which makes frozen blackberries a perpetually great option! They’re picked at peak ripeness so you can enjoy them at their best all year round.

basket of Oregon berries

Excellent Antioxidants

Frozen blackberries have some of the highest antioxidant levels of any food. In fact, they’re a great source of multiple antioxidants, including vitamin C. Antioxidants like vitamin C work hard to keep free radicals from causing damage or harm to the DNA of cells in your body. Plus, they make important contributions to your overall health, like building strong bones, aiding in the absorption of iron, and expediting healing time.

berries have lots of healthy fiber

Fiber Filled

Blackberries are also quite high in fiber. Each cup has almost 8 grams of fiber! (which is about 20 to 30 % of the daily fiber recommendation for men and women). In addition to helping with digestive issues, fiber may help lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and help you stay fuller longer. While fresh blackberries may equate summer to most people, remember that frozen blackberries are a perfect year-round fruit option. They’re full of fiber and antioxidants, and may help prevent disease.