Oregon’s Best Blackberries

Oregon was made for growing blackberries. From the dedication and hard work of our multi-generational family farms, to the optimal climate, clean air, fresh water, and rich soil of the Willamette Valley, Oregon grows some of the best tasting blackberries on earth.

Our blackberries are picked at the peak of ripeness and flash frozen within 24 hrs to lock in great taste, color, and nutrition, and are available year round.

Where the Berries Grow

The Willamette Valley region, located south of Portland, is the heart of Oregon berry farmland.  Nestled between Mount Hood and the Cascade Mountain range, the fertile, rich soils of the Willamette Valley produce the finest wine grapes, peaches, cherries, apples, hazelnuts, and you guessed it, berries. 



#1 in the United States

Oregon ranks number one in the United States in frozen blackberry, Marionberry, and black raspberry production, and is a top 5 producer of frozen red raspberries and boysenberries.   

berries in Oregon

Fresh From the Freezer

Did you know that more than 90% of the US grown, frozen blackberries you find in the grocery store are from Oregon? Perfectly preserved and picked at the peak ripeness, frozen Oregon berries transform savory and sweet dishes alike, and add full, sweet berry flavor to every smoothie, salad, and scone.

You can find beautiful Oregon berries in your grocer’s freezer, or if you’re local to the NW, you can get them fresh during the summer months in the produce section or at the local farmer’s market.

Harvest Season – Typically July to September

Oregon berry season varies from year to year according to the weather. Individual berry varieties are harvested over several weeks within the harvest timeframe.  Interested in fresh, local Oregon berries?  Follow us on Facebook to get the latest information!

Oregon U Pick Farms

Enjoying the summer in Oregon?  Consider visiting a U-Pick berry farm to experience the joy of picking sun warmed raspberries and blackberries straight from the cane.  Always call to double check opening hours and berry availability before heading out!