More than half the blackberries grown in Oregon are of the Marion variety, they are known as Marionberries. The result of cross breeding between the Chehalem and Olallie blackberries, the Marion blackberry was released in 1956 after extensive testing in its namesake Marion County, Oregon. The medium-sized berries are conical in shape, longer than they are wide, and appear dark purple to black in color. The fruit has a tart, earthy sweetness, perfect for eating fresh from local farms and markets. As of July 2017, Marionberry Pie has been designated the official state pie of Oregon.

Plant: tall canes, thorny

Oregon Marionberries are harvested early July to early August.
1 cupCalories 75.00
Total fat 1.00 g
Protein 1.00 g
Dietary Fiber 7.60 g
Vitamin A 238.00IU
Vitamin C 30.00mg
Calcium 46.00mg
Cholesterol 0.00
ORAC 28 μmole/ g
Anthocyanins 1.55 mg/g
Phenolics 5.83 mg/g
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