Larry Duyck &
Jacque Duyck Jones

Duyck Century Farm

The Duyck Century Farm in Roy, Oregon (Washington County) was established in 1907 by Henry and Kate Duyck. Their son Joe and his wife Dorothy took over the operation in 1950. At that time, the operation included grain, small seed and dairy.

In 1990, Larry came back to the farm from his civil engineering career and presently owns the century farm. Through the years, the farm switched to include berries (blueberry, blackberry and strawberry) and vegetable crops (sweet corn and beans). Today the farm is about 400 acres of Kotata blackberries, blueberries, grass seed, sugar beet seed, clover seed and wheat.

Larry’s daughter, Jacque Duyck Jones, ended a 10-year teaching career to farm full time (not just during the summer harvests).

Duyck Century Farm's Kotata blackberries are brought to Willamette Valley Fruit Co. in Salem Oregon to be ran through an IQF tunnel.

Larry has served on the Oregon Raspberry and Blackberry Commission to advance research, education and promotion of the Oregon Blackberry market and Jacque continues to learn and increasingly engages with consumer outreach and educational opportunities.

As Washington County Farm Bureau members, Larry and Jacque continue to advocate for and stand for the protection of ag land.

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Roy, Oregon


Kotata Blackberries