Taylor Martin

G&C Farms

Taylor Martin is from Marion County, Oregon and he is a 5th generation farmer at G&C Farms located near Silverton in the Willamette Valley. He grew up working out in the fields, moving irrigation pipe and driving combine with his twin brother and cousins all around. After attending college, and pursuing an independent career in another industry, Taylor felt the pull of the farm life, and returned to the family business in 2015 to work with his father, brother, uncles and cousins growing blackberries, blueberries, grass seed, and hazelnuts. They grow 4 kinds of blackberries at G&C Farms – Marionberries, Thornless Marionberries, Columbia Star, and Black Diamonds.

Taylor’s great great grandfather started farming in the area in the early 1900s after immigrating from Switzerland. Even though it was always in the family, the farm changed a lot through the years with the building of the current farmhouse in the 1920s, and the move to the name of G&C Farms in the 1960s after Gerald and Carolyn (G&C), Taylor's grandparents. Taylor's dad spearheaded the move into fruit farming in the 1980s, and some of their Marionberry fields have been in the ground for 30+ years.

With two young boys of his own, the farming life is the perfect family life these days. And Taylor’s favorite berry? The Marionberry of course! He loves the flavor for eating fresh, or using frozen berries in his pies, smoothies, on his oatmeal and more.




Silverton, Oregon


Marionberries, Thornless Marionberries, Columbia Star and Black Diamonds