Perry Lucas

Lucas & Son Inc.

Lucas farm was established in 1944 when the family began growing grain, wheat and hay. The head of the farm at the time was Perry Lucas’ father, Jess. He started to grow strawberries around the time Perry was growing up, so he was immersed and busy in the strawberry patches during his childhood. In 1980 the Lucas family expanded the farm by planting raspberries and marionberries. Perry Lucas has now been joined by his own son, Jesse, who has been working alongside his dad since 2004.

Located in Gervais, Oregon, the Lucas farm is home to over 140 acres of berries including Marionberries, Columbia Star Blackberries, obsidian blackberries and boysenberries. These berries are picked at peak ripeness during the abundant summer harvest and transported to Willamette Valley Fruit Company to be processed and flash frozen.

Perry enjoys his berries freshly picked. His favorite are boysenberries, from the 47 acres of boysenberries grown on the farm, so it’s safe to say their sweet taste must never get old. Perry’s wife, Cheryl makes delicious berry cobblers that are just perfect to enjoy after a long day working on the farm.

Perry and Cheryl were thrilled when Jesse’s son Emmett was born, making four generations of the Lucas family who have lived and worked on the farm. With his parents and grandparents to teach him all about growing berries, the Lucas family farm will be going strong for many years to come.




Gervais, Oregon


Marionberries, Columbia Star Blackberries, Obsidian Blackberries and Boysenberries