Michael Purdy

Purdy Farms

Michael Purdy’s grandfather, Mark Purdy, established Purdy Farms in the 1940s. Purdy Farms was one of the first to plant Marionberries after their release in 1956. Leo Purdy, Michael’s father, has expanded Purdy Farms to currently grow over 100 acres of marionberries and other blackberry varieties. Michael began working on the farm in 2000 with his father Leo and together they are operating Purdy Farms, growing some of the best berries in the Pacific Northwest.

Michael and his wife April are raising future Oregon farmers on their land in Mt. Angel. Their eldest daughter, who is 16, often helps on the farm and is already driving the picker and the tractor. During berry season their 11 year old daughter and 12 year old son help along with their cousins to pick berries. It’s all family members hands on deck to ensure the blackberries are picked at peak ripeness. Quality family time and teamwork has laid the foundation for Purdy Farms to thrive as family business for multiple generations to come.

Michael’s favorite way to enjoy his berries is a freshly picked batch of marionberries on top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Running at close second is Rose City Pepperheads Marionberry Pepper Jelly who source their marionberries from Purdy’s farm and Willamette Valley Fruit Company. In his time off the farm, Micheal enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and time with family.

Within hours after picking, Purdy Farms’ summer harvest goes directly to Willamette Valley Fruit Company to be flash frozen and then sold in your local grocery store’s freezer section!




Mount Angel, Oregon


Marionberries, Thornless Marionberries, Columbia Star Blackberries, Kotata Blackberries, Columbia Giant Blackberries, Columbia Sunrise Blackberries, and Halls Beauty Blackberries