The parentage of boysenberries is unknown, though it is considered to be a blackberry crossed with a loganberry or red raspberry. Famed berry farmer Walter Knott and George Darrow of the USDA rescued the vines from the Northern California farm of Rudolph Boysen, and transplanted them to Knott’s Berry Farm in the late 1920’s. The berries were sold commercially as “boysenberries” for the first time in 1935 at Walter Knott’s farm stand. Boysenberries are very large in size, deep maroon in color, have large seeds, and a soft, thin skin texture. Oregon is the #1 producer of boysenberries in the USA.

Plant: Vigorous, thorny

Oregon’s Boysenberries are harvested in July.
100 gramCalories 50.66
Total fat 0.31 g
Protein 1.33 g
Dietary Fiber 1.75 g
Vitamin C 6.06mg
Calcium 22.67mg
Cholesterol 0.00