Developed and introduced in 1985 through joint effort by breeding programs in Illinois, Ohio, and Maryland, this blackberry is named for Dr Chester Zych, the former fruit researcher at the University of Illinois. Chester Thornless Blackberries are a late harvest varietal, with the fruit ready for picking from mid-August through to mid-September. These small to medium sized berries are round, of an intense black color, with large seeds, and a good, mild flavor.

Plant: Hardy, productive, thornless

100 gramCalories 66.00
Total fat not detected
Protein 0.2
Dietary Fiber 7.0 g
Vitamin A not detected
Vitamin C not detected
Calcium 36.5 mg
Cholesterol 0.00
Anthocyanin 1.71 mg/g
Phenolics 5.21 mg/gNutrition Analysis PDF
Oregon Chester blackberry