Bred in Oregon, Kotata blackberries were first selected in the 1950’s but only released in 1984 after decades of testing with various growers. It’s genealogy has Boysenberry, wild Pacific Northwest Blackberry, Eastern US Blackberry, and Loganberry in it’s lineage. These small to medium sized blackberries are firm, are glossy deep purple to black in color, are of uniform, longish shape, and have excellent sweet/tart flavor. They are popular for eating fresh throughout the Northwest, or used frozen year round.

Plant: Robust and cold hardy, very thorny

Oregon Kotata blackberries are harvested between July and August.
100 gramCalories 52.00
Total fat not detected
Protein 0.1
Dietary Fiber 4.9 g
Vitamin A not detected
Vitamin C not detected
Calcium 23.4 mg
Cholesterol 0.00
Anthocyanin 1.71 mg/g
Phenolics 4.30 mg/g
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