Bred in Australia and released in 1984, Silvanberries are a cross between Marionberry, Pacific Blackberry, and Boysenberry. The canes often produce more blackberries per plant than other varietals, which contributes to it’s popularity among farmers. The berries are large in size, are a glossy, dark purple or dark red in color, and are of robust flavor.

Plant: Long living, very thorny

Oregon’s Silvan blackberries are harvested mid-July through August.
Calories 53.00
Total fat not detected
Protein 0.2
Dietary Fiber 4.3 g
Vitamin A not detected
Vitamin C not detected
Calcium 19.2 mg
Cholesterol 0.00
Anthocyanin 1.47 mg/g
Phenolics 3.95 mg/gNutrition Analysis PDF