Berry Butter Board

This gorgeous Berry Butter Board is sure to impress!  A delicious marionberry compound butter is topped with mint, pistachios, fresh blackberries, blackberry jam, honey and chamomile flowers. Spread on freshly toasted baguette slices for an elegant appetizer or addition to any dinner menu! You can use homemade marionberry jam for the compound butter or pickup some store-bought jam from our many Oregon Berry Brands!

oregon berries berry butter board


For the Marionberry Compound Butter

2 tablespoons marionberry jam - homemade or store bought
½ cup salted butter, softened

For the Berry Butter Board

½ cup marionberry compound butter (see above)
½ cup salted butter, softened
12-16 toasted slices of a french baguette or bread of choice
4 tablespoons marionberry jam - homemade or store bought
2 tablespoons honey
1 cup fresh blackberries
2 tablespoons fresh mint, chopped
½ cup pistachios, roasted & salted
zest of 1 lemon
handful of chamomile (or other edible) flowers


For the Marionberry Compound Butter

Step 1
Once your butter reaches room temperature, use a hand mixer to slowly incorporate the room-temperature jam until you have a smooth consistency.

To Assemble the Berry Butter Board

Step 1
Make petals of plain salted butter in a curved row at the top of your board. Use the marionberry compound butter to make another row of petals slightly overlapping the previous row. Repeat alternating rows until you have filled up your board.

Step 2
Make small dallops of marionberry jam in the crevice of the butter petals across the board.

Step 3
Sprinkle butter petals with pistachios, mint, and chamomile flowers. Place fresh blackberries across the board. Drizzle with honey to taste.

Step 4
Zest a lemon directly over the board to taste. Line board with toasted baguette slices.

Step 5
Use butter knife to scoop butter and toppings onto the baguettes slices and enjoy!