Star-Spangled Berry Board

The 4th of July is perfectly sweet when you live in Oregon! What better way to share your American pride than with a fun Star-Spangled Berry Board using Oregon raspberries & blackberries! This fun grazing board is filled with berries, cheese, crackers, and a little candy for those with a sweet tooth. Easy to pull together, this American flag snack board will be the center piece of your summer party!

Recipe by Lea Dixon from

oregon berries the platter girl star spangled berry board


For the Red Stripes

Dried cranberries
Swedish Fish
Red Vines

For the White Stripes

Taco Gouda
Provolone cheese slices
Apple slices

For the Canton (blue background with stars)

Provolone cheese cut in star shapes


Step 1
Place the blackberries in the top left corner of the board first to anchor the entire creation.

Step 2
Start placing your red and white ingredients on the board in rows to create the stripes. You should try to do 13 stripes for an accurate representation.

Step 3
Using a star cookie cutter, cut stars into the provolone slices. Smaller cutter = smaller/more stars will fit.

Step 4
Have an AMAZING holiday!