Marionberry White Sangria

This light and refreshing Marionberry White Sangria is more herbal than sweet, making it perfect for warm summer nights. But using frozen marionberries means it can be enjoyed all year round! Freezing flowers in ice cubes keeps them from floating into your mouth while you sip, and it looks gorgeous in your glass.

Recipe by Heather Arndt Anderson from the Voodoo and Sauce Blog

oregon berries marionberry white sangria heather arndt anderson


1 Cup loosely packed edible flowers, such as marigolds, basil blossoms, violets, bachelor buttons
1 bottle Sauvignon Blanc, well chilled
1 bottle cava or other dry sparkling white wine, well chilled
½ Cup Calvados (apple brandy) or Cointreau
2 Cups frozen marionberries or blackberries
A few sprigs of lemon balm or mint
A few dashes orange bitters


Step 1
Sprinkle the flowers into an ice cube tray, filling them about halfway. Fill the tray with water and freeze for three or four hours or overnight.

Step 2
Combine the other ingredients in a glass large pitcher and gently stir.

Step 3
Put the flower ice cubes into glasses and pour the drinks. Enjoy!