Slow Cooker Berry Cider

Slow Cooker Berry Cider, made with spiced apple cider and frozen Oregon berries, is a heavenly hot crockpot party punch that’s perfect for the holidays!

Recipe by Krissy from the Self Proclaimed Foodie Blog

slow cooker berry cider self proclaimed foodie


4 Cups spiced apple cider
2 Cups frozen Oregon raspberries
2 Cups frozen Oregon Marion blackberries
1 Cup whipped cream
Optional: spiced rum or vodka


Step 1
Combine spiced apple cider and frozen Oregon berries in the crockpot and heat on high for one hour.

Step 2
Strain hot cider through a fine mesh sieve and add strained cider back to the crockpot.

Step 3
Keep berry cider on warm or low setting (depending on how hot you want it).

Step 4
Top with whipped cream and cinnamon to serve.

Step 5
To make a spiked hot berry cider, serve along with your favorite spiced rum or vodka!