Blackberry Mint Ice Cream

The subtle flavor of mint doesn’t overpower the frozen Oregon blackberries  but works with them to create a delicious treat. This recipe for Blackberry Mint Ice Cream uses an ice cream machine to give it the creamiest texture.

Recipe by Staci

oregon berries crafty staci blackberry mint ice cream


3 Cups half and half
1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
2 pints blackberries (fresh, frozen, or a mixture of both)
½ Cup mint leaves, chopped


Step 1
Purée the berries and mint in the blender. Add a cup of the half and half if it needs some liquid in order to blend properly.

Step 2
Add the remaining half and half and the condensed milk.

Step 3
Freeze, following your ice cream maker’s instructions.